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The Dragon Writers Collection: A Fantasy and Science Fiction Bundle with Dragons and Elves, Wizards and Magic.

The Dragon Writers Collection By Brian Rathbone

The Dragon Writers Collection


Published *****=======****

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Short Story, Fiction
Publisher: White Wolf Press, LLC

Do you love to read about elves, dwarves, and dragons? Do you find the lure of magic mystery too enticing to resist? Do you crave stories of monstrous orcs and trolls vanquished by brave heroes?

Welcome to the Dragon Writers Collective!

This anthology is an exciting collection of fantasy and science fiction novels from The DragonWriters Collective: Brian Rathbone, Tom Bielawski, Morgen Rich, Scott Baughman, L.R.W. Lee, D.P. Prior, Nicholas Taylor, and Alison Reger Cook.

Dig in to cutting edge science fiction thrillers complete with wormholes, time travel, global mysteries, and cybernetic assassins. Those who love the style of JRR Tolkien, will enjoy epic high fantasy stories inspired by the Lord of The Rings, and the lord who made them... Take up your wands and lock the Wardrobe, for dragons and fanciful adventures inspired by Narnia and Potter await! Looking for fantasy with powerful female heroes, or villains? Beware of both in this great tome... Whether you enjoy the grit of George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, or the whimsy of CS Lewis, you will find your fancy in The Dragon Writers Collection!

Tom Bielawski

A Tide of Shadows, Volume One of The Chronicles of Llars

The Centaurus Legacy, A Heck Thomas Thriller

Brian Rathbone

Wayward Spirits, a prelude to A Dawning of Power (A novella Prelude to the Dawning of Power)

Call of the Herald, Book One of A Dawning of Power

Inherited Danger, Book Two of A Dawning of Power

Morgen Rich

Entrapments, Staves of Warrant Book One

Seeking, Staves of Warrant Book Two

Scott Baughman

Rule of Thumb, Balance of Power Book One

L.R.W. Lee

Blast of the Dragon's Fury (Andy Smithson Book 1)

D.P. Prior

Book One of The Nameless Dwarf: A Dwarf With No Name

Alison Reger Cook

Secrets of the Moonstone Heir Book 1

Nicholas Taylor

Legon Awakening, Book 1 in the Legon Series

We hope you enjoy this collection!

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Born on a farm in New Jersey, author Brian Rathbone enjoys working with horses as much as a good dragon joke.
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