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The Dawning of Power

Review at Cheryl’s Book Nook

“…like a cross between Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings…”

Guest post at Cheryl’s Book Nook (Magic in the real world)

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Review by Michaela Sefler

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Call of the Herald audio book

Review by Bryen Story

“…I’ve actually put an book on hold so I can move forward with Call of the Herald…”

Review by Dan Rabarts

“…the fine art of world-building at its best…”

Debbie O’Reilly, Melbourne Australia says:

The Dawning of Power is a wonderful book. Rathbone’s powerful descriptions made the story come to life. The main characters were such that you cared about them and enjoyed witnessing them develop from children into special adults having experienced an arduous journey across a world in turmoil. I especially liked the way the author worked in all sorts of information on horses. The cover really sets the tone for the novel, with its aura of mystery. I hope The Dawning of Power receives the success it so richly deserves.

Mary Beth Ladenheim, North Carolina says:

In “The Dawning of Power” Brian Rathbone visits age-old themes - adventure, quests, good and evil, destiny, and magic - with new freshness and boundless creativity.

My Photo brian rathbone

Born on a farm in New Jersey, author Brian Rathbone enjoys working with horses as much as a good dragon joke.
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