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Podioracket Presents - Glimpses

Podioracket Presents - Glimpses By Brian Rathbone

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Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Short Story, Fiction
Publisher: White Wolf Press, LLC

Podioracket Presents - Glimpses


These all new short stories by authors are written in their own universes and offer a great way to sample these writers, get a taste of their full-length novels, or for you to enjoy short stories from authors you already love. Podioracket Presents - Glimpses is a collection of fiction to accompany already established novels from authors.



Conclave – Mick Bordet

Foretelling – Arlene Radasky

The Interview - M. Darusha Wehm

Appeasement - Gloria Oliver

Good Luck - Casey S Townsend

Fleeting Time - Keith Hughes

Blind Curve - Dave Donelson

Holy Rites - Emerian Rich

The Siege - Katharina Maimer

Wayward Spirits - A Prelude to The Dawning of Power - Brian Rathbone

Future In Hand: A Rivenspace Story - H.E Roulo

My Photo brian rathbone

Born on a farm in New Jersey, author Brian Rathbone enjoys working with horses as much as a good dragon joke.
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