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Links to Fantasy Fiction

14 Fantasy Fiction Links

Rhonda Carpenter

Author of The Mark of a Druid

Fractured Horizon

A SciFi Novel by Heather Roulo

Blue Falcon Editing

Home of the talented Andrea Howe

Total Blog Directory

Human edited blog directory

Aliens and Elves

Fantasy and Scifi news and directory

SciFi Matter

SciFi and Fantasy Search Engine

Science Fiction Sites

SciFi and Fantasy Site Directory


Beautiful fantasy artwork, backgrounds, and characters


Home of author Laura Allen and some very talented massage therapists


The foundation on which this site was built


A plugin for Wordpress specifically designed for podcasters

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

Shopping Cart powered by E-junkie

Obsidian Dawn

Digital Design Resources

Song of the Elves

Fantasy Fiction

A Twisted Reality Saga That’s NOT About Vampires. Or… is it?

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Born on a farm in New Jersey, author Brian Rathbone enjoys working with horses as much as a good dragon joke.
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