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Kyrien and Catrin - A Goblin Problem

*****===++++++++++++====**** By Brian Rathbone

Published *****==++++++++++++=====****

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Short Story, Fiction
Publisher: White Wolf Press, LLC

Kyrien and Catrin - A Goblin Problem


In this World of Godsland children's book. Catrin and her pet dragon, Kyrien learn that things they hear might not always be true, when they encounter Goblin Problems.

  • Kyrien and Catrin

  • Kyrien And Catrin: A World Of Godsland Children's Book

    Join the adventures of Kyrien the dragon and his friend Catrin in this illustrated book for kids. There's work to be done around the farm, and someone must guard against the mischievous feral dragons. Though set in the World of Godsland, this children's book series is a whimsical tale different from the one told in Brian Rathbone's young adult fantasy series.


My Photo brian rathbone

Born on a farm in New Jersey, author Brian Rathbone enjoys working with horses as much as a good dragon joke.
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